1. CarInMotion

    How to Create the Car in Motion Effect

    Follow this simple and easy step-by-step tutorial that will take any still image of a vehicle and give it that 100+ mph in motion effect! I was inspired by a many editorial car advertisements and wanted to try it on my own. It was actually a lot easier than I thought, the car in motion effect is a simple and fun photoshop technique.

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  2. painted_header

    How to Create Painted Text on a Wood Surface

    In this step-by-step tutorial I’m going to give you a walkthrough on how to create typography with a painted feel on textured backgrounds. In this example, I’m showing you how to create an airbrushed/stenciled feel on a wooden background. You can watch the video tutorial to this as well!

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  3. reflection_header1

    Peeled Sticker PSD Pack

    Here’s a set of my personal collection of sticker illustrations with a little peeled effect to them. I’ve also featured random tags I’ve managed to think of on each of them. The color for each sticker is dynamic and adjustable to your own color preference. Free to download and use how ever you wish!

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  4. blacklight2

    How to Create a Black Light Effect in Photoshop

    It’s an ultraviolent light that ignites florescent shades and hues with a vibrant glowing energy by just a flip of a switch. In 8 SIMPLE STEPS, I’ll will show you how to get the mind blowing effects of the black light amongst potential photos that have florescent hues.

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  5. header111

    How to Create a Dissolve Effect on an Object

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to take any object or person and give it a dissipating/disbursing effect. A nice effect to emphasize on a photo that has some sort of movement to it (wind in this particular case). A simple and nifty trick for editorial photos.

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  6. kanyewest

    50 Kanye West Photos to Draw Up Your Inpiration

    Being a HUGE Kanye West fan, I’ve gathered up some very creative and inspiring artwork that other artists had created on him. Kanye West has a very fresh and psychedelic style that just drive creative minds up the wall with ideas. Pictures, posters, flyers, album cover art, you name it… I got ’em all here!

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  7. 10 things_header2

    10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users

    Mac OS X users, take hold. Here’s 10 tools, add-ons and software that your Mac OS X should absolutely have. These are my personal weapons of choice when designing and boosting my productivity. These top ten tools are designed for the Mac OS X, but if you’re a Windows user I’m sure these tools offer a version for you guys as well. Take a look!

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  8. reflection1

    How to Create a Reflection Effect

    The reflection effect, one of the most common niches in design that greatly improves a presentation of an object. Through the various approaches of recreating this technique, I’ve created a short tutorial that will show you my favorite, simple, clean and most realistic approach of making the best of this popular effect.

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  9. appfeature

    How to Create an App Icon (And Develop an App Too!)

    Design a high quality app icon for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod that will give you that same Apple quality we all love. Don’t have an app or don’t know how to code one? This tutorial will get you started with that!
    Simple techniques and effects are used to replicate Apple’s rich, crisp presentation. PSD available to download.

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