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10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users

Mac OS X users, take hold. Here’s 10 tools, add-ons and software that your Mac OS X should absolutely have. These are my personal weapons of choice when designing and boosting my productivity. These top ten tools are designed for the Mac OS X, but if you’re a Windows user I’m sure these tools offer a version for you guys as well. Take a look!

On my experience of going from a 9-5 job to freelancing, increasing productivity played a huge factor in progressing. Since investing into a Mac, I’ve got my hands on these add-ons and almost everyday I use it to help me organize myself and increase my productivity. Freelancing has gotten so much easier since these tools were introduced to me.

Here’s a list of my top 10 Useful Mac OS X tools, beginning with most used:

1. Coda

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X UsersI downloaded the 30-day trial and immediately bought  this thing because I feel in so much love with it. The user interface is so simple and easy to use. It’s an advance HTML editor with FTP capabilities. It also allows you to edit coding directly off of a website which is what I’m most crazy about.

I always had this problem before where I would accidentally overwrite newer coding with older coding and would have to back track. Now, when making minor adjustments to my HTML/CSS I always use this and it is a breeeeeeze.

2. SwitchResX

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X UsersIf you have the Mac Book Pro and you have the Cinema Display (or any display actually), you’ll realize that your cinema display outputs a low resolution by default when hooked up to you MBP Mini Display Port. However, with SwitchResX , You can expand your desktop size and increase your resolution thus leading to a bigger workspace which is what most of us designers want!

I love having more breathing room on my Apple Cinema Display when designing in adobe which is why I can’t live with out this.

3. Billings

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X UsersThere are so much uses for Billings, but primarily I use it for invoicing. In Billings, you create the client’s credentials and project info (such as hourly rate, taxes, and etc.) then you create a ticket for that project (itemizing tasks within the project) and that will give you a timer that you can start and end with a click of button in the Apple menu bar up top.

Everything is added up and timed automatically for you. And, say you get distracted, you leave your computer for about an hour and you forget to end the timer, Billings will automatically catch that for you and will prompt you if you would like to remove that excess time before you get back to work. Neat way to keep accuracy and honesty up.

4. 1Password

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users I don’t know why I do this, but for all my logins I always tend to make a new and different password and username. And when I do that, I lockout my accounts with failed login attempts and have to go through the “Forget Your Password?” process. Am I the only one who does this?

1Password lets your store all those passwords all in one in a nice fashion. Also, when ever you login into something new on your web browser, it will automatically prompt you if you would like to save it and lock it up with the rest of the passwords in the password vault. Just remember that one password to get into the vault unless you’ll really be screwed.

5. Transit

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users My personal choice for a FTP transit software. It neatly places all my bookmarks together. What I’m most crazy about is the user interface and the simplicity in the software.

There are these buttons on the user interface that quickly allow you switch around the panes of local and live view. The Transit software also has breadcrumbs for the local view to help navigate easier threw folders. Just makes zipping through things easier for me. Not to mention, I see a difference of upload time with large files.

6. TaskMate

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X UsersA very effective to-do list that you can constantly add to and easily check off once those tasks are complete.

I always have mine fixed on the top of everything of my desktop that way I always have my to-do list screaming at me so I can finish it faster. lol.

Though I use this, every now and then I go back to the pen and pad to-do list. Physiologically, it feels better to me to scratch off that tasks with a pen.


7. Slammer

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users The designers geometry box grid that you can use any time and any where on your screen. To me, it’s a screen measurement tool that comes in handy when you just want to figure out the width of a picture, cell or text area without having to dig into the css.

It has a very powerful grid option tool to assess the balance of a layout. I haven’t really got into that yet.

8. Caffeine

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users An anti-sleep option for your display. I got annoyed of my screen always going to sleep at the wrong time. It also got annoying of always having to go into settings and stop it from sleeping in there.

This little tool adds a coffee cup icon into your Apple Menu Bar and you click on it when ever you don’t want the computer to sleep. Also you can set it to when you want the monitor to sleep, just incase you don’t interrupted when ripping a screen capture of something… just saying.

9. Name Changer

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users Uploading a set of 100+ photos from your camera to your computer and renaming each individual photo can be time consuming. I don’t think any one has the time to rename each of their photos from “IMG_001.jpg” to “MyFatPanda_001.jpg” (for example) to keep things more orgazined.

This software automatically renames files for you, saves you time and a ton of right clicking of renaming each file.

10. CleanMyMac

10 Useful Tools For Mac OS X Users Though most macs don’t really need this, every now and then my computer needs a good cleaning of all the excess space being used by unneeded data, such as cookies, cache from browsing and etc.

Every month I run CleanMyMac and remove at least 1 to 2gb of junk stuff out of my computer. Can’t really say that it improve my MBP’s performance, but I can definitely make use of that extra 2gb space since i’m slowly becoming limited in space.


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    Espectacular entrada! Llevo toda la mañana del domingo viendo videos de speed painting! Mil gracias!

  2. September 29, 2011 11:09 am

    Usefull skill no. 1 – Delete Mac OS.

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